The Process is Not the Product

The Process is Not the Product

I've been thinking about writing this post for over a year now. It's inspired by this video:

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When I first heard this it really resonated with me. At the time I was working on a team that was trying to adopt Agile processes including daily standups and Jira. I didn't really see the extra "process" help us make a better product.

Some of that I feel like was management. We didn't have clear o

I understand the effort to analyse data and understand what's going on, but I think that it's much more important to try to focus on what you're actually doing.

If you haven't read this post, I strongly suggest you do.

Signal v. Noise: Exponential growth devours and corrupts

In my 7 year career I've worked at companies as small as 4 people and as large as 40,000. Even though currently work at the 40,000 scale in a Fortune 500 company, the true lines are drawn at the department and team size. The department is around 300 and my actual team hovers near 5 or 6.

I feel that a small team size is an important factor in "getting things done", which in turn influences my overall happiness and job satisfcation.

I often wondered why it was that I prefered a smaller team until I found this image:

[Lines of Communication Image]

Some Tips:

Code is about people. It doesn't matter how you build it if no one can use it. Communicating about how to use it. Anyone can generate "Widgets", but it the real hard problems are finding comproimise and communication.

[The absurd Agile Image]